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Hi! I'm Karla Silent Eyez, owner of SD & STnet. This website offers a large variety of cartoon dolls and other little goodies for your personal and/or website needs. If you decide to use anything off this website, please make sure to read the FAQs, the TOU and give credit where it is due. SD does not offer dollmakers/dressup games. If you see any broken images/links or errors, please let me know. Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy your stay! ♥
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Site Updates

 Feb 20th, 2O2O

The following items are in working order:
Binkers & Bullets > Arrows, Butterflies, Hearts

 Feb 14th, 2O2O

Happy Valentine's Day! ♥ I hope you all had a lovely day, whatever your plans were.

I have been doing behind the scene things, as well as updating image links to some of the content. In the menu, you will see links crossed out. Those are pages with broken images. All dolls (except Jaylen) fall in that category too *sigh* However, if you wish to check out the pages and save something, you can do the following: "right-click" on image and copy the image address (link) & open a new tab in browser and paste. Or select "open image in new tab".

 Feb 13th, 2O2O

Cliques, Gifts, Update Boxes and Website Signs are good to go! I uploaded the broken images to another image host. New Button Templates added.

 Feb 1st, 2O2O

Hm, it seems that my content can still be "viewed and saved". I was able to right-click (mouse) and copy the image address (link), open a new tab in browser and paste (or "open image in new tab"). It took me to the image's page and it looked fine. Nothing like being able to have my website back to "normal" but thought I would share this so you can still be able to enjoy the content. Be sure to save content to your own computer! Do not use the image address (link).

 Jan 31st, 2O2O

Had a change of plans for the updated look. Totally not what I had in mind but we'll see if this will be a keeper. It makes me feel good to do something around here. Will have to work on making the link back button and banner.

 Jan 30th, 2O2O

Well, this website has seen much better days. I am still going through the dilemma about my content uploaded to Photobucket. I have so many files that it would be bad, even if I upload them to my website. I may have to get rid of old content or keep searching for a reliable image host. In the meantime, I have decided to do an update on the look around here. Things will look all funky, since I did not plan it out and just started messing around lol I used to be real good about planning and testing first.

 Sept 11th, 2O19

The Dolls & Goodies that are still available to be viewed and saved are: Jaylen dolls, Glitterfills, Pixel Names & Web Set Downloads.

 Sept 10th, 2O19

*sigh* I am so sorry I have not updated or kept up with my website(s) in such a very long time. To be honest, I do not know what the future holds for my websites because since last year I have been debating about closing down or continuing. And today, I am noticing that my Photobucket hosted images are showing up blurry (due to their terms) and Tinypic has shut down. So that is a bummer and makes me upset just thinking about the possibility of closing... I will absolutely keep y'all informed ♥

 Dec 24th, 2O18

Wishing everyone a very wonderful Christmas and the best of everything for the New Year! Enjoy yourselves to the fullest and be sure to keep spreading the joy ♥

 Aug 21st, 2O18
Another set added to Web Set Downloads 2 ;]

 July 30th, 2O18
Sorry it's been a while! But been busying with another project ;] I was able to squeeze in some time to make something new for Web Set Downloads 2.

 July 13th, 2O18
Ooh, spooky Friday the 13th ;]
Revamped SD's 88x31 link button by adding a doll to it. The previous look wasn't "doll" related. So had to do something about that

 July 4th, 2O18
More pixel names! A total of 12 names for each letter. ;]

 June 27th, 2O18
Still adding more pixel names :]

 June 25th, 2O18
Added more Template Banners. New: Pixel Names! I will be making several names for each letter and all in different colors. Have name and color suggestions? Let me know in my Cbox! ;]

 June 18th, 2O18
Added more buttons (a bit here and there). Did some updating on other pages around the site; doll pages rearranged, updated info and just doing little checking up on things.

 June 17th, 2O18
Ah, so I have finally done something about the layout. It has been a LONG time too! I hope you all enjoy it. Still working on bits and pieces but for the most part, it is all good ;]

*Later* Added plugboard buttons (had them stashed away for some reason). Will create more as time allows.

 June 16th, 2O18
Added more blank & blank doll website signs.

SD will be looking funky as I play (test) with colors and new design ♥

 June 15th, 2O18
Well, I had to get rid of the "Coded" doll pages because of the image hosting situation. The dolls have all been moved to the corresponding Doll pages. Uniques/Designers and St. Patricks 's (Green). Other coded content will have the codes removed as well. So sorry to do this :\

 May 28th, 2O18
I am happy to have shared a few sets of my glitterfills with y'all! I've created TONS of different sets throughout the years and have felt bad for keeping them stored in my files. I have a subdomain for them BUT I never got around to putting things together. I really wanted to create a 2.0 (tabless) layout for it but it was too confusing for me. Maybe... just maybe, I will get things in action and use a frames format ♥

 May 27th, 2O18
New dolls have been added! Check out the Jaylen dolls I assembled at Dollzmania

On another note, I am giving Imgur a try. I uploaded these dolls there and may be uploading other content too (still undecided about this). We'll see how it goes.

Also, got to thinking about my glitterfills and decided to offer some of them here. Not sure how many sets but so far, I have only one set added. Glittereyez GlitterfillsGlittereyez is my glitterfills webby that is not yet open.

 May 23rd, 2O18
Renamed and reuploaded the Doll Button files and for some reason, there were some I had never uploaded before and they are OLD! ha ha! I did add new Doll & Cutesy buttons. Be sure to check them out! Feels good to get back on track ♥

 May 18th, 2O18
Hey everyone, I am quite confused here. For some reason, I am able to see my content now (images hosted with Photobucket). Can y'all see them too? For a long time, the images were no longer showing because of the change in PB's terms of use. I don't know but perhaps it is just a glitch? I will still try to see what I can do about switching hosts or maybe just host them on my server (which I really don't want to do but we'll see). This still sucks because I might have to start from scratch and redo the whole site.

 November 9th, 2O17
I am terribly sorry everyone. I am so upset and embarrassed about the fact that Photobucket has changed their usage terms. I have used them for MANY years and have never had a problem with them or my images being hosted by them. Not too long ago, I decided to stop by and check on things and I noticed my images were NO longer showing up. I have countless of files uploaded to my account with them that it will take me a long time to redo everything again! Like, finding a new image host, uploading files and updating the codes on all of the pages that contain those files - not just on this website but on my other ones too...

 December 23rd, 2O16
Merry Christmas!

 November 21st, 2O16
Nothing new to add but just wanted to let you all know that I am keeping watch of things. Don't want to neglect the website completely :] I have been thinking of changing the name of my website for some time now. I haven't come up with a name yet but I will probably keep the letters SD so that I won't have to change the subdomain name and links. Will keep you all posted for sure ♥

 Halloween 2O16
Happy Halloween!

 September 15th, 2O16
I truly feel so bad for not having done anything around here. I don't want to leave my websites abandoned but I just haven't had the chance to get down to creating or updating. I have two little nieces that keep us very busy lol I have been itching to do stuff but we'll see... On an awesome note, we have our first submitted b-date for SD's Birthday Book! ♥

 February 18th, 2O16
Posted a new FOTM video! It so takes me back to my teenage years ♥

 February 17th, 2O16
Woo hoo! SD has a new affie! I was like "Drrrr!" because how did I not figure it out sooner that we weren't affies and her site is a DOLLIE site too! :] Thank you for accepting Claressa! Please go check out her webby if you haven't yet ;]


 February 14th, 2O16
♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥

 photo SDgift_Valen01.gif

 February 7th, 2O16
Posted a new FOTM video! Not sure how many of you will know who they are but I am hoping it will be to your enjoyment hee hee! Yesterday, I did a bit of updating but did not post about it. Have two new pages added to the You Bored? section: Collapse and Zodiac Sign (calculates what your Chinese & Western signs are). Not sure if I will keep the game up so enjoy it while you can (just in case).

 February 6th, 2O16
Oh my! I have not logged into my Neopets account in YEARS. My poor Elephante was dying!! Do any of you have a Neopet? Here's my User Lookup!

 February 5th, 2O16
I totally updated my "about me" page info. It needed a revamp because it seemed so impersonal. I think now my visitors can get to know me a little bit better ♥ About Owner

 February 2nd, 2O16
Happy February! Hope things are well for you all. It is F R E E Z I N G here! It's been a bit hard trying to work on things when hands are frozen lol This (early) morning I have decided to share some of my pixel creations on SD. In due time, I will add more to the page. In the meantime, have a looksie at what I have for now ♥ My Pixel Work

 January 29th, 2O16
I had filled out some forms to be added to listings but the websites seem to be inactive (on hiatus perhaps) and no recent updates to let people know. So I removed the links from my website and will try again with other listings. :[

 January 25th, 2O16
Just did some behind the scenes stuff around here. Had no idea there were some broken image links. That's what happens when you are too sleepy to work on website stuff lol :]

 January 24th, 2O16
Woo hoo! Decided to add a Birthday Book to the site! I remember many of the dollie websites had one of these :] Should be fun to bring back something from the old days ♥ I have also brought back my FOTM (favorite of the moment) page. I had to take it down since I couldn't update without internet service lol Hopefully now, I will be able to share my favorite songs/videos more often. Be sure to check out the Bday Book and my FOTM ;]

 January 21st, 2O16
Got tired of looking at the same old layout so I decided to do an update on it! SD will look all whacky but it will remain open :]

*Later (01/22)* Well it is now 4:16 AM PST and I am soooo tired and cold. And hungry lol I wanted to finish up as much as I could with the new layout and matching link buttons/banners. I love these girly colors

 January 12th, 2O16
Added new blog pixel text to Website Stuff 6 and updated the third set of Zodiac pixel text :]

 January 11th, 2O16
Happy Monday everyone! Today I have added some button templates that I had created back in July of 2O15! Yes, it is sad that it has taken this long to be able to finally get my content up and going. Also added Web Set Downloads 2 & Doll Blank Signs ;]

 January 5th, 2O16
What a great way to start the year with a new affiliate, Pretty Sweet! It has been a long while since SD has had one and I am quite thrilled. Please be sure to visit my newest affie ;]

 January 4th, 2O16
First off, *~ Happy New Year! ~* I hope you've all had a wonderful time over the winter holidays and are having a great start to 2016 :] As for me, time is always the same to me lol Well, I haven't been doing anything website related in a while now...mainly, because I had no way of getting my content uploaded and having no internet. BUT that has changed now! I have internet at home now and a new laptop, which Santa brought me for Christmas (don't know why, since I wasn't a good girl lol) ;] Will try to get stuff added as time allows. I have not forgotten about my websites and you, its vistors :]

 October 2Oth, 2O15
Hi there! Just figured out I can do text update using my mobile but it is still annoyingly difficult to do so. I want to let everyone know I am still around and website still here for you to enjoy. Wish I could upload all of the content I have...oh well. In case I don't get to later, Have a Happy Halloween to all! ;]

 January 9th, 2O15
First off, hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a joyful New Year! I have new backgrounds uploaded - which I had been meaning to do for maybe 2-3 weeks. Dial-up and Photobucket just don't work well together! ha ha! Hope you will enjoy them ;]

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