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Hi! I'm Karla Silent Eyez, owner of SD & STnet. This website offers a large variety of cartoon dolls and other little goodies for your personal and/or website needs. If you decide to use anything off this website, please make sure to read the FAQs, the TOU and give credit where it is due. SD does not offer dollmakers/dressup games. If you see any broken images/links or errors, please let me know. Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy your stay! ♥

Site Updates

 May 17th, 2O2O

ChaZie, Halloween & Mommies dolls and Zodiac (pixel text sets) image links have been updated!

 April 15th, 2O2O

Thank you †Tainted Wingz† for the link back buttons!!

 April 4th, 2O2O

All of the pages in Backgrounds have been updated! Images have been uploaded to a new host and I was able to upload some BGs I never got to add to any of my websites (I have no idea why lol).

 April 3rd, 2O2O

My previous eggs died (;_;) Will you help these new ones hatch, please?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
click on each egg.

I did a bit more updating of image links. Backgrounds: Candy Stripes, Caution Bars, Gradient Stripes, Pretty Polka Dots, Sweet Stripes and Stripes 1. In Dolls: Themed. New doll page added too! Had them in my files but never added to website: WOC.

 Mar 28th, 2O2O

I got ahold of some old files and was surprised to have found A LOT of stuff! I am in the process of adding said content, to SD. New (old) Buttons : Doll 3, Doll 4 and Link Sets 3.

 Mar 25th, 2O2O

Been working on a side project. But still checking on things here. Will you help my eggs hatch?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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 Mar 17th, 2O2O

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Added 2 links to the Button Wall and a new Update Box.

 Mar 14th, 2O2O

Please help my dragon eggs hatch! Clickity-click!

 Mar 11th, 2O2O

Added new Buttons/Banners.

 Mar 6th, 2O2O

Added new Doll 1 & Cutesy buttons. Also, finally reuploaded some doll pages!! St. Patrick's, Maxmp3 2, Fashion Model, Fantasy, Emo, Easter & Candybar 10.

 Feb 25th, 2O2O

Added new sets to: Web Set Downloads. Also, I have a Button Wall set up (for the past couple of days now). Just forgot to mention it in an update. Hope to get links added to it ♥

 Feb 20th, 2O2O

The following items are in working order:
Binkers & Bullets > Arrows, Butterflies, Hearts

 Feb 14th, 2O2O

Happy Valentine's Day! ♥ I hope you all had a lovely day, whatever your plans were.

I have been doing behind the scene things, as well as updating image links to some of the content. In the menu, you will see links crossed out. Those are pages with broken images. All dolls (except Jaylen) fall in that category too *sigh* However, if you wish to check out the pages and save something, you can do the following: "right-click" on image and copy the image address (link) & open a new tab in browser and paste. Or select "open image in new tab".

 Feb 13th, 2O2O

Cliques, Gifts, Update Boxes and Website Signs are good to go! I uploaded the broken images to another image host. New Button Templates added.

 Feb 1st, 2O2O

Hm, it seems that my content can still be "viewed and saved". I was able to right-click (mouse) and copy the image address (link), open a new tab in browser and paste (or "open image in new tab"). It took me to the image's page and it looked fine. Nothing like being able to have my website back to "normal" but thought I would share this so you can still be able to enjoy the content. Be sure to save content to your own computer! Do not use the image address (link).

 Jan 31st, 2O2O

Had a change of plans for the updated look. Totally not what I had in mind but we'll see if this will be a keeper. It makes me feel good to do something around here. Will have to work on making the link back button and banner.

 Jan 30th, 2O2O

Well, this website has seen much better days. I am still going through the dilemma about my content uploaded to Photobucket. I have so many files that it would be bad, even if I upload them to my website. I may have to get rid of old content or keep searching for a reliable image host. In the meantime, I have decided to do an update on the look around here. Things will look all funky, since I did not plan it out and just started messing around lol I used to be real good about planning and testing first.

 Sept 11th, 2O19

The Dolls & Goodies that are still available to be viewed and saved are: Jaylen dolls, Glitterfills, Pixel Names & Web Set Downloads.

 Sept 10th, 2O19

*sigh* I am so sorry I have not updated or kept up with my website(s) in such a very long time. To be honest, I do not know what the future holds for my websites because since last year I have been debating about closing down or continuing. And today, I am noticing that my Photobucket hosted images are showing up blurry (due to their terms) and Tinypic has shut down. So that is a bummer and makes me upset just thinking about the possibility of closing... I will absolutely keep y'all informed ♥

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