SD's History

Before 2002/03, Silent Devotion went by the name of one of my screen names, LukOverUrShldr (look over your shoulder). The site was built with AOL's Easy Designer and was an attempt at being a dollie & graphics website. After its AOL days, I moved onto the good ol' It went through many phases, both good and bad. When Silent Devotion grew, I decided to purchase a domain for it. The domain SilentDevotion.Net was purchased on August 16, 2004 and remained hosted by Freewebs.

On July 2007, I decided not to renew the ".net" domain ~ yes, after 3 good years. I felt overwhelmed with working on both, Silent Devotion and Silentears, and wasn't sure what my plans would be about maintaining my websites. Sadly, I won't be able to get ahold of SD's old domain because someone has already purchased it. So it'll remain here on this sub-domain (on my main domain ST), which was created in 2005/06 as a backup.

Silent Devotion re-opened on December 2nd of 2007 and will continue to bring you tons of dollies and goodies. Hopefully, things will be as good as they had been in the "old days" ~ the good old days of the doll websites and frames coded layouts ;]

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