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Nothing on this website is to be redistributed in its original form ("as is" on my website). However, you may create with my items (ie. dolls, buttons, templates, pixel text...) & redistribute the content you've created with them. Nothing is allowed to be used for monetary gain (items and creations redistributed commercially). The following items may not be used for creating content: Glitter Dolls, Cliques, Name Sigs, Avy Initials & Scribbles. My content is linkware, so you must be able to provide some kind of link back to Silent Devotion. If I do not provide a code for an item, then it is not meant to be direct linked. Direct linking (hot linking) is strictly prohibited and against the law. If you have any questions about my terms and/or don't understand them, don't hesitate to contact me.

All items were created and/or assembled, edited and animated by me.

Silent Devotion offers goodies for your website and personal needs. This website is for all ages, however, some dolls may be PG13 (ie. cleavage showing though nothing inappropriate). Browse website at your discretion, otherwise please exit website. Thank you.

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