Terms of Use

Please take the time to read the important information below, in regards to my glitterfills.

All of the content and resources I have made available to you have been created by me. I do not and will not offer content made by others. However, if I have created something with a resource that was made by another, proper credit has and will be given.

None of my creations are to be redistributed or uploaded to graphic generators, websites, forums, or put into collections, zips, e-mails ... etc.

Never direct link to any of my content and files (unless otherwise stated). I have seen many people direct link to my glitterfills in forum request boards and websites, as well as not giving proper credit. You must save them to your own computer and upload them to your own image host or website but file name must remain intact! I understand that some image hosts generate a file name for the things you upload and this cannot be helped. Just as long as you keep the file name intact in your computer files, that is good enough.

You must be able to link back to me or provide some kind of credit when using any of my content. If you are offering requests with these glitterfills, you must have my link and/or credit somewhere beside the samples.

For commercial use you MUST contact me for pricing. *NOTE* Some sets may not be used commercially.

If you agree to my terms, you are more than welcome to use my resources and creations. Otherwise, please do NOT use any of my content. Thank you for your cooperation. It is very much appreciated! Click "agree" to go to menu. *NOTE* These are just a preview of what I have created. More can be found at my glitter website.

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