Application Rules

Applications are Open | Closed

There are a few requirements you will need to read before applying. Please take a moment to read the following and click the link towards the bottom of the page to apply and only apply when Open. Thank you.

o1. Your website must offer dolls and/or website and graphic resources. Other content is fine too but website's main focus should be "dolls and/or graphics".

o2. If you're new to the dolls and graphics world and are not "good" just yet, don't be discouraged. You're still welcome to apply! practice, practice, practice and remember, it's quality vs quantity ;]

o3. If you offer adopted content, it must be kept to an absolute minimum. try to be original though!

o4. You must not offer stolen content! shame on you, if you do!

o5. Please do not offer or link to pages with adult and/or vulgar content. my website's visitors range from ages, young and old

o6. All domains, sub-domains, free hosted websites, blogs, social media websites, forums and groups are welcome to apply. Just be sure you meet my little requirements

o7. If you are not accepted, please do not take it to heart or be rude about it

o8. The top 5 affiliates will have their text link/button shown in the right frame. But you can find them all listed in the Affiliates page.

o9. I'm pretty busy and all and won't be able to communicate often so, there's no need for you to keep in touch often as well. Life happens ;]

1o. Should you ever wish to terminate the affiliation or have your URL/info updated, please let me know so I can remove/update your link ♥


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