Frequently Asked Questions

Q : You mentioned you've reopened your website, is all of your content new?

A : Many pages have dolls from the baby stages of SD. You can actually tell by the poor quality on some of them. They are either saved as JPG, GIF and even BMP (I used MS Paint before purchasing PSP 8 and PS 2)! Aside from that, yes the content is new ;] And I will continue to add new content as time allows.

Q : Where can I use your content? ie. dolls and graphics

A : You may use my content on a webpage/site, forum (message board), blog, social media profile, e-mail signature, desktop...just about anywhere, really!

Q : How may I use your content? ie. can i make graphics with them?

A : You may use my content as part of your layout, in graphics, are welcome to create to your heart's content. But you may not redistribute my content as "collected" items (many blog type websites do this!). For example, you cannot add my dolls to, let's say, your website for your visitors to take but you may create something with the dolls and then post the finished product on your website for your visitors. Just be sure to give credit to Silent Devotion in your credits page by using a text or button link ;]

Q : Do you offer glitters or glitter graphics? ie. glitter fills, screen fills, glitter graphics

A : Glitters are one of my favorite things :] Years ago, I had to take down my glitter fills from SD because MANY people were abusing my TOU. However, I do offer just a few glitter graphics (with dolls). Why just a few? Well, one time I received a comment from a visitor stating that "glitters" shouldn't be in a doll website. This was in regards to the time of the very popular glitter graphics websites from back then. I kept that in mind and thought maybe it is best to keep the "glitters" separate from my doll website ;] But I might, just might, add a few of my glitterfills. Retro dollie websites did offer glitterfills and some even glitter name requests! I have many sets created and some day, I would like to open a glitter website (I've been planning this for years and I do have a name for that website)! Update: I have, finally, opened my glitter website! You can find it here.

Q : Y U NO (heh heh) have dollmakers/dressup games?

A : Frankly, it would be too much for me to work with - you know, with having to create and/or edit dolls and props. I enjoy using makers and being able to share with you what I've assembled and edited. Hm, I am thinking about maybe putting together a siggy maker but that would be down the line ;] You can find some cute siggy makers at my other place, The Princess Chateau ♥.

Q : Do you make custom graphics? ie. doll signatures, button links

A : I'm sorry but I do not offer requests of any kind.

Q : What graphics programs do you use or have used to make your content?

A : In the beginning (and it shows), I used to work with MS Paint to edit and save my dolls. Later, I learned about PSP and decided to purchase PSP 8, which also comes with Animation Shop. I also purchased Photoshop Elements 2 but it was too complicated for me. Yes, both programs are super OLD - that is how long I have been doing this ;] Anyway, I've also dabbled with other versions of PSP but I prefer version 8.

Q : Can we be affiliates, siblings or do a link exchange?

A : Sure! Just be sure to read the requirements before applying. I hope there will be more dollie websites to bring back the "siblings"! Remember a link exchange is different than being an affie or sib (it is impersonal).

Q : Can we chat on IM? ie. Yahoo!, MSN, Aim

A : I'm always busy doing something on the computer or browsing websites, so I never have time to sit here and actually chat. Sorry! :]

Q : Why is your website set up in frames?

A : I've been using frames for MANY years. However, there were a couple of times in which I did use iframes and DIVs :] I choose to stick with regular frames because it is easier for me to work with and because I cannot get the code for the "popular styled layout" (2.0, tableless) to work, so frames it will remain. And not to forget, many OLD doll websites were also done in frames. Just keeping it old school ;]

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